Monday, August 13, 2012

Mondays shop of the day is...

Mondays shop of the day is TheBloomingFigTree    

     We specialize in making flowers for all occasions for babies, big girls, and adults. Our flowers can be put on headbands, brooch pins, and hair clips. Come "like" us on Facebook we sell products there too!

I'm a stay at home mom with two kiddos, one a boy and my most recent, a girl. Without her I would never have started this business. She inspired me to show my true girly side. 

I've been an artist my whole life and even studied art studio in college but it's been years since I've been creatively fulfilled, until now. My love, rather my obsession, with flowers has been constant. I'm an ardent gardener and am one of those crazy ladies that talks to her plants. Since I've known how to draw it's always been of flowers. My love affair with painting was also with flowers. It seems only fitting that now I've taken on a sculptural technique with flowers. I'm thrilled to see where this new endeavor leads me.

The Blooming Fig Tree has much meaning in its name. Throughout the Bible the fig tree is a reference to Israel, however it is always dry, brittle, dead, or not producing fruit. This represents Israel's rebellion against God and how God turned from the fig tree and it became dry. In Revelation, the end of the Bible and the teaching of the end times, the Fig Tree begins to bloom. It is a sign that Jesus is returning to us soon. Israel, as all know, is now a nation and blooms. Jesus is returning soon. The Blooming Fig Tree reminds us to watch for Him!             

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